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Learning at SSV

Our Approach

Education must go beyond rote learning and memorization. Our goal is not just to impart knowledge but also teach students 'how to learn'. By learning through application and experience, students are able to sharpen both critical thinking and internal values. 

Doing so requires a multi-faceted and well organized program of education. Holistic development is the key to a well rounded individual. As such, our students are also encouraged to explore other talents and passions through co-curricular and extra curricular activities. 


Since 2019, Shree Sharada Vidyalaya has been affiliated with CBSE board of education,

New Delhi, Affiliation No. 830902.

We accommodate students from Grade I to Grade X, using state of the art facilities and resources.


Sports, Art, Music and other Co-curricular activities are highly encouraged and nurtured.

Our preschool wing, Kids Kingdom, prepares children aged 2-5.

Kids Kingdom Preschool

Where education meets play, our preschool is the perfect way for your child to begin learning and experiencing life. 


Our faculty are all trained professionals who are experts in their fields. They are not just learned educators but also warm hearted mentors who seek to bring out the best in their students. 


and Extra-Curriculars

  • SSV provides an outlet for all sorts of talents and passions though Club Activities. Inter- and intra-school activities are organized to foster the spirit of competition.

  • The Literature Club allows for students to express themselves through speech and writing. 

  • The Sports Club gives one access to fully equipped facilities for indoor and outdoor sports.

  • The Art and Craft club gives students a chance refine skills in sketching, painting, origami and other mediums.

  • Topper scholarship exams, such as the Neltas examination, are organized on a regular basis to recognize students for their academic knowledge and critical thinking.

  • Special guests and speakers are often invited to hold sessions for students. Topics include moral values, gender awareness, tobacco awareness, soft skills, and other life skills. 

Culture: The SSV Way

'Education and Culture' go hand in hand for us. They are like the 2 rails of a railway track. We focus as much on culture as we do on education.


Thus celebrating important festivals, learning Bhagavad Gita, inculcating moral education, etc are all key aspects of the child's learning at SSV. The campus also has a Shri Vidya Ganapathi Temple on the premises for a serene and spiritual atmosphere.

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