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​Accreditations & Affiliations

At SSV, we focus on holistic development and value based teaching. It is not only important to learn the 'what' and 'how' but also the 'why'.


As such, our curriculum has been designed to be modern and comprehensive - geared to equip your child with essential knowledge, skills and curiosity. 

Since 2019, Shree Sharada Vidyalaya has been affiliated with CBSE board of education, New Delhi, Affiliation No. 830902.

About Us

Vision & Purpose

We want to give back to the community around us with a world-class institute that enables a student's potential to bloom and prepares them to be model citizens of India.

We live by the motto, 'Yaa Vidya Saa Vimukthaye': 'Where there is knowledge, there is enlightenment'. 

We pledge to work dedicatedly and enthusiastically every day to realize our purpose in a journey to lift the fog of ignorance.  

School Managing Committee

Padma V


K.N. Usha Ramprasad 

Vice President

Sandhya Aswath


Asha S. M.

Member (Teacher)

Meenakshi J.

Member (Teacher)

Nagamani. S

Member (Parent)

B.G. Ramachandra Bhat

Member (Parent)

Vishwanath Bhat


Prof. B.R. Gopal


Deepa H.S

Member (Principal)

Dr. Neenu S. Thanki

Member (Principal)

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